Mohawkers' Memorabilia

on display at the
American Wings Air Museum
at Anoka, Mn.

Many pieces of Mohawk Memorabilia have been donated to The Mohawk Association over the years.  American Wings Air Museum has generously dedicated a substantial part of their display areas to these historic items. Some will recognize pictures and plaques that were once displayed at their old Army unit.  Other items were donated by individuals as meaningful pieces of history full of personal memories.  Pictured here are some of the many pieces prominently displayed for everyone to see and appreciate at the museum. 

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Mem1a.jpg (48495 bytes) View of the display area at the West end of the museum.
Mem171.jpg (61663 bytes) A little closer to the same area above.
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Mem72.jpg (50546 bytes) Demon Hawk, by John Mowery
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Mem1b.jpg (48373 bytes) AWAM Reception at the display area on the North West corner of the museum.
Mem142.jpg (70241 bytes) 021 on the mend after the '96 wind damage.   The landing gear is back on, #2s been checked out and Art is doing his magic on the outer wing.
Mem191.jpg (49177 bytes) Transportable Aircraft Control Tower AN/TSQ-70... Built at Tobyhanna Army Depot in the Mid 1960's.
Mem192.jpg (78476 bytes) Ground Station AN/TKQ-2 SLAR (AN/APS-94).
Mem2c.jpg (49863 bytes)
Mem2b.jpg (51532 bytes)
Inboard Plyon has a 150 gal external fuel store.

Middle Pylon is a Flasher LS-59A Pod Assembly.

Outer Pylon is a Transmitter Countermeasures AN/ALQ147A(V)1 "Hot Brick" - Built by Hallicrafters Co.