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05 MAY 70 Delivered by Grumman Aerospace Corp. facility at Stuart - Florida.
16 NOV 70 Assigned to 184th MI Co (AS) at Fort Lewis - Washington DC. First US ARMY operative unit
12 SEP 72 In service with 73rd. Avn Co (SA) and detached at Fliegerhost AAF. Hannan - Alemania.
27 MAR 79 In service with 24th Avn Co Later sent to GAC for SLAR AN/APS-94 and AN/ALQ-147 Hot Brick installation.
06 ABR 82 Delivered by GAC to 73rd CBTI amad detached to Germany.
07ABR 86 In service with A Co, 2nd MI Bn at Stuttgart - Germany Operated during “Desert Storm” at Persian Gulf. Returned to Con US by 22 ABR 91.
18 JUN 91 Detached at Hunter AAF, Savannah - Georgia, entering for overhaul at 70th Avt. Det.
25 OCT 91 Asignado al 224th MI Bn (AE) en Hunter AAF, Savannah - Georgia.
NOV 92 Retired by US Army and sent to GAC facility at Stuart in order to prepare it for transference to Argentine Army
17 DIC 92 Taken on charge by the Ejercito Argentino, starting ferry flight on 19 DIC 92.
24 DIC 92 Arrived to Campo de Mayo with Tcnl Carlos Alberto SPIKA y el Cpt (R) (US) Adolfo Aquino.

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