The OV-1 Mohawk Association was formed in 1989 for the following purposes:

  • To collect and disseminate information of interest and benefit to the members.
  • To preserve the history of the OV-1 series of aircraft, various civilian entities, military units, and individuals associated with the OV-1 aircraft.
  • To encourage and promote social activities for the membership.
  • To interface and cooperate with other organizations as deemed appropriate.

This photo from 1994 shows members and an OV-1D (s/n 68-16993) which the Army flew in for the reunion.
According to the December 1996 issue of Warbirds, 993 is now at the Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum in Kalamazoo, Michigan, on permanent display in the Air Zoo's Flight & Restoration Center.

Large Picture (84k), Larger Picture (168k)

Additional Association information:

  • The OV-1 Mohawk Association is a nonprofit tax-exempt corporation as per 501 (C) 3. Donations are tax deductable.
  • The OV-1 Mohawk Association snail mail address is:
    PO Box 2025
    Woodbridge, Va  22193-2025
  • The OV-1 Mohawk Association's toll-free number is: (888) 7-MOHAWK (766-4295)

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